Black Witch Book Matched Maple River Table


The building process of this piece began with two "book matched" Figured Maple slabs. These hand selected slabs are milled in sequence from the dead centre of the log, typically creating a symetrical reflective pattern in the tabletop design. In this case the live edges have been inverted & epoxy has been poured to create a beautiful & unique river pattern down the centre of the table. Look closely & you may see a design that resembles a witch. This particular Maple is extremely rare for its unique grain character and heavily contoured edges, perfect for a river design. The "Straw Bundle" base is unrivalled in modern design and quality. Custom welded to suit this tabletop, these legs come with a "Wow" factor & allow easy access for all guests around the table. This table was custom made and sold to a client in St. Augustine, Florida. To discuss a custom piece designed to suit your home, contact me today!

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