Western Walnut River Table


This coffee table offers a new perspecive on whats expected of a typical Black Walnut slab table. Made with Canadian Black Walnut, and epoxy resin, this specific slab was sourced from the far West region of Ontario, Canada. Many Black Walnut trees in this area grow a "reddish"- more colourful grain, resembling a species closer to Claro Walnut- Native to northern California. Cut from the top of a rare Black Walnut Log, this table features an intense & width-varying jet black epoxy river. A hand selected slab, professional design, &  matching Walnut/Epoxy legs are three aspects which make this table unique to Fonthill Mill. This piece was custom made, and sold to some local clients in Niagara On The Lake, Canada. Contact me today to discuss details of your dream piece!

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