Walnut Single Slab Live Edge Custom Tables




Black Walnut Table

Could be perfect for the custom piece in your dining room or serve as a medium size conference table in your office. Legs are fabricated from cast iron that provide a timeless look on the rustic live edge top.

The most preferred tree type in wooden table making is walnut tree.The rich moire appearance and unique smell of the walnut tree adds a different aesthetic to the spaces. Because of their longing for nature and the past, people began to prefer the natural one in their living spaces.For this reason, the interest in natural wood products is increasing day by day.If you want to see natural design products in your home, you can start by liking our wood furniture.

★ We can design customized furniture for your home or office.let us know the dimensions you want.Let’s do special work for you. table, shelf, coffee table, wall decoration etc.

★ We have sizes in options.
if you want a different size you can contact me This table is not only sturdy, it has a one-of-a-kind design and offers the perfect amount of working space!

★ The wood used for this table is planed and sanded for an ultra smooth top finish. The wood is treated with a leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish.

★Kiln Dried

★We work side by side with all of our clients throughout the entire process.We offer you our quality and beautiful tables .After ordering your product, we share the photos of the product with you. we will ship after receiving your confirmation.

★★★Please note that we take special orders.We are a team that can design in all sizes. you can contact us★★★

120×60-65 cm./47”Lx24”-26”W. Inc.
140×70-75 cm./55”Lx28”-30”W. Inc.
150×80-85 cm./59”Lx31”/33”W. Inc.
160×70-75 cm./63”Lx28”/30”W. Inc.
170×75-80 cm./67”Lx30”/31”W. Inc.
180×80-85 cm./71”Lx32”-33”W. Inc.
190×85-90 cm./75”Lx32”-35”W.Inc.

walnut slab thickness: 5,5-6,5cm./2.2”-2.6”Inches.

Metal Foots
ground clearance:70 cm./28”Inc.
Retro Metal Table Leg
These rustic metal feet are very sturdy
Adjustable leveling feet.
It is durable up to 200 kg.
Painted with Powder Paint. It is resistant to impacts.
Thanks to its 4 protective underfoot, it never damages the floor.
Thanks to the holes in the frame, you can install very easily.

Shipping information:
*Ready to ship within 2-4 business days
*We carefully wrap our products for the best possible protection during shipping

***We can make a fully customized product for you!
Contact our team and let’s make something unique together!

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