Maple / Walnut Live Edge Shelving Customized for your home

Our selection is always changing so be sure to check back often or reach out and we’ll contact you with all the options you’ll need to make a decision.

Discover a unique selection of live edge shelving. Woodify Canada specializes in custom wood products produced right here in Canada. Customers come to us looking for a variety of shelving ideas in all shapes and forms and we’re happy to scour our huge database of suppliers to find out where we can find the best product & deal for your item. It’s simple and it’s completely free for you to request a quote on any item on-site or any custom request you may have.

Our customers expect to get a deal! YES, since we are able to network with many suppliers and have a working relationship with them, we can get you the best deal possible on a high quality product. Reclaimed, new, maple, walnut, big, small, I doesn’t matter, we have you covered.

Stand out with out unique shelving

Don’t underestimate the impact a great shelving system can have on the overall esthetics of your rooms! Our live edge shelving can be sized to fit your wall and finished to reflect the style of your room, also choose the type of brackets your want!

Big Leaf Maple Live Edge Floating Shelf #Woodify


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